100% English Environment Camp

We encourage students to speak out English with confidence. Students are not afraid of speaking English.

Situational Teaching Approach

The camp environment is to imitate a real English Speaking community.

Fun Learning Environment

We teach kids English through a variety of different activities such as games, songs, dances, and arts & crafts…

Long-Term Friendship

We build up a long-term friendship with everyone. We give every participant a home warm feeling.


ALV Brief Introduction

【ALV Brief Introduction】

Day Camp Schedule Example

【Day Camp Schedule Example】

Residential Camp Example

【Residential Camp Example】

ALV Official Camp Dress Code

【ALV Official Camp Dress Code】

ALV Dress Code

【ALV Dress Code】

ALV Shoe Code

【ALV Shoe Code】

ALV Simple Chinese

【ALV Simple Chinese】

Teacher Application Form

【Teacher Application Form】

Taiwan Official Hiring English Teacher Policy

【Taiwan Official Hiring English Teacher Policy】

The Example of Teacher Contract

【The Example of Teacher Contract】

If you are interested in teaching in our camp, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer all questions you may have. Thank you!