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ALV English since 1992

Did you know that some second language learners can communicate effectively with only 100 words? How do they do it? To succeed: they use their hands, imitate the sound or movement of something, mix up languages, create new words, or describe with words they do know. In short, they use multiple communication strategies.
Languages can be complex. Sometimes the speaker lacks the grammar and vocabulary skills needed in certain situations. Their communicative success relies entirely on their “ability” to communicate within their personal restrictions. In our camp, we are not only teaching students English; but also teaching them various communication skills and the confidence to use them.

We encourage students to use BREM Language Learning Strategy to use their English.
Be Bold
Risk taking is necessary 
Everyone makes mistakes
Mistakes help you learn

Our Camp Slogan
Keep Talking Keep Learning
Double Fun Double Learning

If you are interested in teaching in our camp, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer all questions you may have. Thank you!