Students Act Out Everyday Situations

ALV English since 1992

The ALV's camp philosophy is summed up by the phrase "Be Efficient, Learn, and Have Fun":
1. Be Efficient: In the Intensive Program, students participate for a limited period of time. Therefore, it is very important to give students a placement test beforehand. ALV will prepare teaching materials and ESL textbooks based on their language levels. This allows for students to be comfortable with others, and speak with those who have similar English skills. Each student has a full opportunity to participate in classwork and to receive individual attention. We would like all teachers to follow the F’s: Philosophy fairly and friendly. 

2. Learn: Classes are organized around differing themes in ESL learning and various culture activities. These English conversations are geared toward real life situations and will come in handy for children in the future. Our materials contain topics like daily events, western culture, or common American short stories. Along with learning English, we are learning about other cultures! 

3. Fun: We want students to enjoy learning and see the benefits of communication! Learning English can be fun and interesting. As our camp slogan states: “Keep Talking, Keep Learning.” We strive to help students become comfortable in speaking out, as this is the best way to learn and retain English. A language should be used to communicate with people; the benefits surpass just passing tests. Making language learning fun is an essential ideal of our camp.

If you are interested in teaching in our camp, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer all questions you may have. Thank you!