Speaking English for Pleasure

ALV English since 1992

American Language Village (ALV) was established in 1992, and was the first and only English immersion camp in Taiwan. The goal of the camp is to help students develop functional proficiency in listening and speaking the English language. We also strive to assist students develop positive attitudes toward themselves as global influences and highlight our responsibility of keeping the earth clean.

In our activity-centered immersion program, we encourage students to work at their own pace while learning simultaneously alongside their peers. Students have the opportunity to use the English language often, due to face to face interaction with their peers and teachers. Language learning takes place most effectively when input is meaningful, interesting, and important to them. In our ALV environment, it becomes natural to speak in English! Students will acquire a better understanding of conversational English as they participate in exciting, engaging activities throughout the camp. They will acquire the language naturally through immersion, without complete focus on grammar rules. The most important aspect of this activity-centered immersion program is that the students learn according to their personal "learning style and rate." Students are not only in classes taught by native English speakers; but they also live, dine, play, and share their lives with them throughout the whole camp.

American Language Village has been running since 1992. We have served over 50,000 young people. Throughout our history we been internationally recognized our innovative approach to language learn in a culturally rich and diverse setting. American Language Village has been on the “cutting edge” of language education since its beginning, and continues to be to this day.


If you are interested in teaching in our camp, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to answer all questions you may have. Thank you!